LobbyCentral QMonitor


Customers appreciate knowing where they are on the list.  LobbyCentral's QMonitor program allows you to display a running wait list as well as notify customers when their name has been called.

For privacy in sensitive areas, QMonitor can be configured to display the customer partial name or use a "call-by-number" system.

Designed for large screen monitors and HDTVs

QMonitor runs on any standard HDTV by connecting a computer to the HDMI or VGA input port of the TV. If you have a SmartTV or one that has a built-in HTML5 compliant web browser, you can connect right to the LobbyCentral website without a computer.

Audio Announcement

When a customer's name has been selected by a user, QMonitor will display a notification message followed by a audible chime.   This message instructs the customer who to report to.  If counters are configured, the customer will see the counter name or window to report to.