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Check-In Management Simplified

Easy to use

LobbyCentral is designed to be simple, allowing your employees to focus on providing great customer service while not worrying about how the technology works.  The intuitive interface allows employees to identify who is waiting and reason for visit.  LobbyCentral's flexible design allows it to operate in any industry with walk-in customers.

Secure and confidential check-in

With just a few clicks, an employee can place a customer into the queue, keeping the check-in process confidential and secure.   No pesky sign-in sheets that are visible to anybody and reveals names and visit reasons.   Once a customer is checked-in, a notification is sent to employees monitoring the customer queue.  For self-service check-in customers can use the LobbyCentral's kiosk.

Business Analytics

LobbyCentral captures a wealth of visitor information such as date and time in, time seen, and time out, providing invaluable data for planning and identifying key issues with your service team.

Digital signage and announcement

 LobbyCentral includes QMonitor, a digital signage application that displays not only advertisements but a running wait list.   It also serves as a the customer notification system that instructs customers who they should report to when called.  For privacy in sensitive areas, QMonitor can be configured to display the customer partial name or use a "call-by-number" system.  While other check-in systems may charge for this feature, QMonitor is provided to our customers at no additional charge!

Features At a Glance

Web Based

LobbyCentral is 100% web based which means NO proprietary equipment to buy.

Our cloud solution only requires a web browser and On-Premise works with your existing Windows network.


Unlike dedicated check-in systems that are designed for specific industries, LobbyCentral is extremely flexible and works for any business.

LobbyCentral is loaded with configurable features and options to fit the needs of your business.


Users receive real-time notifications minimizing long wait times.

LobbyCentral can even notify employees by email or text.

Business Anayltics

LobbyCentral captures important data such as time in, time seen, and time completed, as well as custom fields that you create.

Using the dashboard, built in reports, and exportable data, you can analyze customer wait times, length of service, daily traffic, and more.


Cloud Monthly

$59.95 /queue /mo


Unlimited Users & Workstations

Unlimited Kiosk Devices

Email Support

14-day trial

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Cloud Annual

$647 /queue /yr

10% off monthly cost

Billed annually

Protection from price increases

Invoicing option available

14-day trial

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Cloud Corporate

$9,499 /yr

Unlimited Queues

Unlimited Users & Workstations

Unlimited Kiosk Devices

Includes LobbyCentral Appointments

Email and Phone Support

14-day trial

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OP Standard

$6,999 one-time

One location + first year basic maintenance

Unlimited queues, users, and workstations

Licensed by location, not user

Basic Annual Maintenance $943 per year

Additional Locations $999 + $104/yr maintenance

Email Support + Updates w/maint plan

30-day trial

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OP Corporate

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Unlimited licenses

Unlimited queues, users, and workstations

Support and Updates included

API license included

LobbyCentral Appointments included

Email and Phone Support

30-day trial

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Who Uses LobbyCentral?


Departments often receive large groups of students at one time creating long lines to sign in.

LobbyCentral’s Kiosk allows the student to check-in and wait in a comfortable chair rather than stand in a long line. The kiosk not only speeds up the check-in process, but it also frees up the receptionist.

Public Services

Public administration and service offices have hectic service lobbies and tracking who is next with a number system often leads to customer frustrations and longer wait times.

State, local, and county departments will appreciate low barriers to entry on cost, equipment requirements, and training.


Banks and credit union customer service starts the moment the customer is greeted. Providing a memorable customer experience is key to repeat business.

LobbyCentral’s reporting process help identify key areas such as an understaffed lobby during busy times or training issues with under performing staff.

Service Lobbies

LobbyCentral is not industry specific and works beautifully in any business with a customer service lobby that needs to manage walk-in customers.

Using existing you already have, it's quick and easy to get started with a LobbyCentral solution.

LobbyCentral is designed for businesses that want to enhance the customer experience

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